ArmA3Sync Tutorial


ArmA3 is starting to reach a maturity level of addons and patches which make it a more enjoyable experience. To that point I have setup an ArmA3Sync Repository on the Citadel. This is an easy way for us to keep our addons in sync and prevent confusion on what addons are needed and what the latest version of that addon is.

Strango and I have put together a base pack of addons which will give us a good foundation for some existing missions and to aid in designing new missions in the future.

Here are two video tutorials on getting the client installed and configured. I recommend that you watch these directly on the YouTube site in 720p (HD) resolution for the best experience.

Part 1: ArmA3Sync Installation


ArmA3Sync Download
Java Runtime Environment 7


Part 2:ArmA3Sync Configuration


Repository URL: