New Website & ArmA3

As you can see from the look and design of the forums, things have been changing around here. The new site consists of visual elements from the ArmA3 Alpha mixed with an interesting color palette derived from the new environments now a part of the ArmA3 “Virtual Reality” engine.


I figured it was time for an update to the RR website as I have neglected it for quite a few years now. The site I originally built for the original ArmA was never quite completed before I abandoned it to deal with real life and I focused mainly on keeping the forums operating.

A new feature I think will be useful is the Mission Upload section. Here, if you have the password, you can upload new missions directly to the Citadel. This will be easier than creating FTP accounts for everyone interested in uploading missions.

As you can see if you peruse the links in the menu bar, the forums have been migrated to the new template but there is still a lot of integration work to take place. I will continue to modify this as the weeks go by so don’t be surprised if things don’t work right or if the colors get all crazy while I tweak the templates.