Operation Candlestick Released

I’m happy to release my first mission for ArmA3 Beta. This is my first complete mission since back in the OFP days and it took me a bit of time to get reacquainted with the syntax and the idiosyncrasies of the engine. This is a simple, quick into the action mission for a small group of players. Though the mission is short in scope relatively speaking, it is fully realized in content, context, and completion.

Mission Name: Operation Candlestick

Mission Type:COOP
# of Players: 1-4
Time Of Day: Night (Changeable in Parameters)
AddOns Required: None
Support: Limited UAV assistance
Revive: None

Background: The economy of the small island nation of Stratis had been in deep recession for years. As unemployment and inflation continued to rise, the locals on Stratis began blaming foreign investors and imported labor for their ongoing problems and hardships. As the economy continued to spiral out of control, the blame also shifted to the government, seen as an American puppet, and peaceful protest gave way to rioting and conflict.

Out of this conflict arose the SDL. Mostly young, mostly unemployed and disenchanted, but certainly all angry, the membership of the SDL continued to swell. Their methods turned more confrontational and violent as the radical elements of the group, lead by Col. Firouz, seized control of the leadership and its message. What started as disorganized marches and civil disobedience devolved into rock throwing, bombings of government buildings, and more recently organized, armed attacks and kidnappings.

The central government, known as the People’s Democratic Republic of Stratis (PDRS), has not only been severely weakened by the bad economy, but more recently by the defection of many military members to the SDL. With its grasp on power weakening and the people on the edge of revolt, the PDRS has reached out to America for economic aid and military assistance in fighting the SDL.

The Americans, not eager to publicly get involved in yet another conflict, have instead assisted with intelligence and logistical support. However, every once in a while, small Special Operations Forces are called upon for highly critical missions. None have seen more action than the secretive and elite D.A.R.S team.

SDL: The Stratis Defense League (SDL) is paramilitary group who has its origins in a highly nationalistic hate group whose main goal is the cleansing of all foreigners, through intimidation and violence if necessary, from the island of Stratis. In recent time, and with the emergence of the mysterious Col. Firouz, their goals have expanded to complete governmental overthrow.

DARS: D.A.R.S. is the acronym for the elite Special Forces teams that specializes in Destroy, Assault, Rescue, and Sabotage operations. They normally operate in fire team size elements and are highly trained and specialized, able to operate in any combat environment. More of a scalpel than a sledge hammer, these small teams bring asymmetric warfare and tactics to an increasingly asymmetric enemy.

Briefing: Recent intel was uncovered showing that a dangerous sale of a shoulder-fired AA missile launcher was underway between members of the SDL and a known arms dealer who goes by the name of Massoud. Unfortunately we deciphered the intel too late to capture both Massoud and the weapon he was selling, but you still have time to destroy the AA launcher if you hurry.


Your D.A.R.S. team is located on the USS America, an amphibious assault ship located about a kilometer outside of Tsoukala Bay on the southeastern coast of Stratis. This America-class ship is a 45,000 ton fighting machine. Carrying over 1,500 Marines, support teams, and a wide array of weaponry and vehicles, including both helicopter and fixed-wing assets, the USS America is capable of projecting extreme force wherever and whenever necessary.

Mission: Your mission is to insert via SDV to the insertion point indicated on the map. From there you will depart and swim, undetected, to the shoreline. Once on shore, coordinate an assault on the objective. The objective is a small fishing village on Tsoukala Bay consisting of 5 ramshackle buildings. Find and destroy the AA missile launcher that Massoud has just sold to the SDL.


Download Mission: Operation Candlestick v.1.8.8 BETA


Since ArmA3 is BETA I will keep the BETA tag on my mission as changes made by BIS may break the mission. I also reserve the right to delve back into this mission and add some additional tweaks or content based on feedback.

Constructive feedback is appreciated. Even though this mission has been tested in an MPDedicated Server environment over and over again, sometimes things in ArmA just don’t work right, whether it be bad latency or some other uncontrollable reason, or intentionally finding ways to break the mission. I’ve tried to account for everything I can think of, but I’m sure folks out there can think of plenty more.

Lastly I’d like to thank the many scripters. mission makers, and others whose work has got me through this mission. A special thanks to Kronzky for his UPS script and Engima for his Dynamic Weather script.