Squad Cap

Thanks to pomigit for releasing an addon that allows you to add a squad specific patch to the baseball caps. You can do both a forward or backwards cap. I have modified his work to add the [RR] logo to the baseball cap. You can download it here.


To use the addon you can simply type the following into the initialization field of your unit:

this addHeadgear “RR_BackCap_Red”


Front facing caps:

  • RR_Cap_Red
  • RR_Cap_Black
  • RR_Cap_Blue
  • RR_Cap_Olive
  • RR_Cap_SF
  • RR_Cap_Tan
  • RR_Cap_Green

Backwards facing caps:

  • RR_BackCap_Red
  • RR_BackCap_Black
  • RR_BackCap_Blue
  • RR_BackCap_Olive
  • RR_BackCap_SF
  • RR_BackCap_Tan
  • RR_BackCap_Green