We’re Live!

As you can no doubt see, the new website is live. It is not complete in all parts and I have plenty left to do, but the “bones” are ready to go. I hope all of you like the fresh and clean remodel that our site has needed for a very long time. As I was working on it, I thought about some of the early sites we had. Courtesy of the WaybackMachine internet archive I was able to capture this page circa May 2002.

RR Website - 2002

I have made a decision to start a new set of forums utilizing a different message board software that has some modern features and less bloat than the old phpBB forums. I will archive and make available the original forums in a read-only state for perpetuity. I would suggest that you restart any topics in the new forums you would like to carry on.

One last item in relation to the forums. Your old ID’s and passwords should work on the new forums as I ported over the original accounts. Let me know if you have any issues.